Value-Driven Consulting Services

There are as many types of software projects as there are project pathologies. Some pathologies are desirable, some are not. It all depends on the context and mission of your project.

With expertise across many QA methodologies and technology platforms, our consulting services may provide helpful recommendations for recognizing and addressing those undesirable project pathologies. We base our recommendations on what you value in your organization.

Our consultants seek to bring a fresh, value-driven perspective while working with your existing testing processes and culture. When establishing procedures and timelines, our consultants work with your team to define your needs and goals and the best way to achieve them.

With every interaction, we strive to create partnerships grounded in values, because it's the quickest way to build confidence - and what we ultimately want to provide to you. Building confidence means first understanding both your corporate-level and project-level missions. Our goal is to help you deliver optimal customer experiences by delivering optimal customer experiences to you.

How We Can Help

  • "Exploratory (ad hoc) testing finds good bugs, but it's not trackable."
    Quardev uses Session-Based Test Management (SBTM) to manage and measure its exploratory testing efforts. Using blocks of time called sessions, a tester is given a charter that keeps them on track. After every session, a report is produced about what happened during the exploration of that charter. SBTM's co-inventor, Jon Bach, is one of Quardev's senior consultants and can advise you on how to get started with this free, non-trademarked method.
  • "Our project is late and we're nowhere near done."
    Could you be striving for more quality than you really need? Some consultants will say it's as simple as looking at whether user requirements are being met, but they rarely talk of implicit requirements vs. explicit requirements, and what happens when either of them change. Quardev consultants have tester and facility support to help you decide what requirements are important to you.
  • "We need more testers."
    A lot of projects plan for failure, but what about a plan for success? If you release that latest revision and it does well, how would you grow your existing QA effort without losing the character, spirit, and perhaps even heroism of the team that got you there? Quardev consultants can advise you on how to grow your team smartly, including hosting in-house test "auditions" that have a better likelihood of finding great testers than standard testing interviews.
  • "Our testers need training."
    There's a wide variety of training programs out there, but Quardev focuses on partnerships with the QA industry's leading thinkers like James Bach (Rapid Software Testing), Jon Bach (How to Manage and Measure Exploratory Testing with SBTM), Scott Barber (Performance Testing in Context) and Robert Sabourin (Just-in-Time Testing). Training can be hosted at your facility or externally.