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SPIN Seminar: Do We Really Need All This Testing?

Networking at 6 PM with seminar at 7 PM.

Seminar Details:

Some QA professionals mistakenly think that "Good Enough" software development principles are irresponsible. But this perception is due to a simple misunderstanding of what "Good Enough" means. Jon Bach, Manager for Corporate Intellect at Quardev Laboratories in Seattle, explains that "Good Enough" does not mean "substandard" or "mediocre", but is actually a responsible economic principle we all use.

Since testing can be expensive, the "Good Enough" framework provides a criteria to help stakeholders make proper decisions about whether or not value to the user is sufficient. Jon explains the four elements of the Good Enough paradigm and how testers and test managers can help project stakeholders know if they are shipping with too little quality or if they are unnecessarily striving.

To register for this event: go to http://www.cpd.ogi.edu/coursespecific.asp?pam=2364

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