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May QA SIG - Secrets of a Buccaneer Tester

Presented by James Bach

Education has been the key to my success. Early on I chose not to outsource it. I quit high school in 1982, and have lived without the benefits and drawbacks of institutionalized learning ever since. There are no undergraduate degrees in software testing. The certification programs and graduate degree programs I've seen are disturbingly content-free. The leaders in our craft are all self-educated to some degree. I develop and sell a methodology for software testing that I call Rapid Software Testing. At the time I created it, my ideas contradicted most of what was conventional wisdom (and still do, although rapid testing concepts are somewhat less controversial, today). This talk will present, not my testing methodology, but rather some of the methods by which I arrived at it. I believe these methods are fundamental to self-education on the job, and that self-education is fundamental to competing in a difficult and diverse economy. You can benefit from these methods even if you completely disagree me about testing and even if you are Harvard educated thrice-over and wear powdered wigs.

About our speaker: James Bach is a local self-educated software tester and author of the unpublished book How I Learn Stuff: Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar, as well as the published book Lessons Learned in Software Testing.

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