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June SeaSpin Meeting

What do you say when a stakeholder asks, "How's it going?" If you have a pile of test cases on your desk, it may be enough to say, "I ran 35% of these tests today," or "I'll be finished with this stack in 4 days at my current rate." But that might be just one of many stories you can tell about your testing. For example, you might have found a nasty bug from going "off-road" from those test cases, or you might have created a complex scenario you contrived on-the-fly from your experience, or by operating the program, you might have discovered a valuable new purpose for it! You might have done any number of interesting things, but your summary might have obscured the compelling parts of your testing story. If you've tested software, you know that good testing ideas reveal important information as you go, just as an interesting story becomes more compelling as you read. In this talk, Jon talks about how his role as a journalist, author and writer has enhanced his role as a tester for the past 13 years, helping stakeholders know enough detail about testing to make good decisions on what to fix and how to plan from limited resources. This talk is about why storytelling is a skill that should be studied to help us imagine better tests and give more meaningful reports to those who ask "How's it going?"

SeaSpinMeeting - June 3, 2008. The meeting will be at Construx Software's office at 10900 NE 8th St Suite 1350 in Bellevue, WA. Networking over pizza, salad, soda @ 5:45. Talk @ 6:45.

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