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Data Governance - Protecting Proprietary Information from Unauthorized Release

"The Conficker worm is just an over-hyped problem that distracts from the real problem of malicious programs and attacks, and is a way for software companies to make more money."- Synopsis of what many have said post-mortem on Conficker.

The most valuable asset to any organization is its "information." Quality Assurance professionals, with an emphasis in software development, critically examine a software program for functionality, compatibility, ease-of-use, stability, and integrity. This allows the QA professional to garner an understanding of a client's (or employer's) software strengths and weaknesses. But once that information is shared with a third-party, what controls or mechanisms are in place to ensure the security of that information? Are contractual provisions enough? How is the integrity of the QA industry affected by a data leak? How can the testing industry align its goals with the goals of its client(s)?

According to two of the largest security software firms, cyber-related crimes are now more lucrative than the international drug trade. While a virtual cyber-attack of a 9/11-style magnitude has not yet occurred, the need to adequately safeguard mission-critical data places network infrastructures on the frontlines. What is law enforcement doing to protect businesses from cyber-extortion and theft of proprietary information? Learn what mechanisms mitigate the chance of an unauthorized release, or disclosure, of proprietary information and how you can help investigate cyber-related crimes.

About Our Speakers:

Det. David Dunn, (Detective, Seattle Police Department, U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force) - Det. Dunn has been with the Seattle P.D. for 8 years, and working computer forensics and electronic crimes for 4 years. He is currently assigned to the U.S. Secret Service to assist them in investigating network intrusion and computer hacking cases at the regional, national, and international level.

Seaton M. Daly III, Esq. (Law Office of Seaton M. Daly III, P.L.L.C.) - Seaton Daly has extensive experience working in the Information Protection Industry, both as an attorney and non-attorney, implementing disaster recovery plans, and performing risk assessment audits, in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Daly owns a General Corporate Transaction and Privacy law firm in downtown Seattle.

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