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July QA SIG - Improving Testing Collaboration in Agile Developement

Improving Testing Collaboration in Agile Development

Presented by Bruce Winegarden

The goal of this program is to stimulate a dialog on how QA testing professionals can best collaborate with agile development to form a quality continuum for enduring sustainable software.

Example cases from two different software products will give contrasting snapshot of before and after agile pictures. The "before" case used traditional waterfall approach with extended code, test and fix cycles. The "after" agile case used extreme programming practices such as: test first (TDD), acceptance testing (FIT), and pair programming. These examples will outline the range of QA testing strategies employed and setup discussion around topics such as:

  1. Why moving testing earlier in the process and making it more integral to guiding the development effort is a good idea.
  2. What quality strategies we can learn from in other industries such as statistical process control from Lean/SixSigma.
  3. How can the QA testing role better complement agile development methods such as SCRUM.
  4. What concepts do agile development and Exploratory Testing have in common and how can we leverage the similarities and uniqueness.

About Our Speaker:

Bruce Winegarden has extensive business and technical knowledge for software and systems development, product management and innovation. He enjoys guiding teams of people from different disciplines discover sustainable practices that smooth and accelerate their delivery. As principal consultant at Eagle Eye View, he delivers consulting, modeling, training, and coaching services applying Lean and Agile principles that enable organizational changes to: streamline product development, improve business workflows, deploy more meaningful and effective information technology.

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