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September QA SIG - What Would MacGyver Do?

Presented by Harry Robinson, Microsoft

At the September QA SIG meeting Harry Robinson will be presenting his 2009 STARWEST talk - be part of STAR without leaving the state!

Remember the old MacGyver TV series? Each week, the hero solved difficult problems by combining his knowledge of applied science with everyday items such as baking soda, paper clips, and chewing gum. Test automation is currently in a rut and needs some of that outside-the-box thinking. When most testers think about automation, they think of regression scenarios and capture/replay tools. However, regression testing is the weakest, most insipid form of automation around! Regression tests are costly to maintain, rarely find important bugs, and are often obsolete by the time they are checked into the test case manager. If you are interested in approaching test automation from a fresh direction, join Harry Robinson in this innovative session and learn to create "freestyle test automation" from simple elements such as idle test machines, free programming tools and, yes, a bit of creative test thinking.

About Our Speaker:

Harry Robinson is Principal Software Development Engineer in Test for Microsoft's Bing team. He has twenty years of software development and testing experience at ATT Bell Labs, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and Google as well as time spent in the startup trenches. While at Bell Labs, Harry created a model-based testing system that won the 1995 ATT Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Area of Quality. At Microsoft, he pioneered the model-based test generation technology, which won the Microsoft Best Practice Award in 2001. Harry holds two patents for software test automation methods, maintains the site www.model-based-testing.org, and speaks and writes frequently on software testing and automation issues.

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