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November QASIG Meeting

November 11, 2009 6:30 PM Location: Quardev, Inc.

2707 NE Blakeley Street, Seattle, WA 98105

Half-Baked Ideas for Rapid Test Management

Presented by Jon Bach

Join us for the QASIG on Wednesday, November 11th, 6:30pm at Quardev to hear Jon Bach's latest presentation fresh from the 2009 Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC).

Whether you are a tester or a test manager, Jon Bach assumes you have no time to do the things you want to do. Knowing that even the things you absolutely must do today is its own list of competing priority 1 items, he has ideas on how to cope. They are truly "half-baked," as in, they are still in the oven, still being tested. It is not about time management, it is about where you focus your energy - you and your team. This presentation will share some of his half-baked ideas that seemed to be valuable for him as a test manager, even if some of them didn't really work. His ideas are meant to solve common problems in test execution, reporting, measurement, and personnel - all of which are low, or no, cost and relatively easy to implement.

Jon Bach has been a software tester for 14 years, and is currently a freelance consultant for Quardev. He speaks frequently about exploratory and rapid testing, and is the co-inventor of Session-Based Test Management - a way to manage and measure exploratory testing. See his blog at http://jonbox.wordpress.com

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