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July QASIG - Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks

Presented by 8-10 of your fellow QASIG participants

The format is the "lightning talk" where each of the speakers know that they only have five minutes to present their idea (one at a time). Each speaker has a severely limited time-frame, but can speak about anything related to testing in that time - a new idea for status reporting or measurement, a lesson they learned on a project, an experience report about a new technique they tried, or a general test principle they want to share.

Strictly timed by a moderator, each speaker will speak either extemporaneously or with slides. When the last "lightning talk" ends, the floor will open to three more audience members who are inspired enough to present their own lightning talk. After that, there will be an open networking session between speakers and attendees.

Contact Jon Bach if you are interested in participating and presenting a short talk; this is a great format for presenting an idea with a friendly audience!

See the full description with speakers and topics on the QASIG Website.

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