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Jon Bach to Speak at SeaSpin Tonight

The Truth of "Good Enough"

"Good enough" is a notion that helps you know when to go home for the day. It is also a notion that helps Release Managers know when it's time to ship. It is a river that constantly flows through us -- the Force that binds us and surrounds us. But it, too, has a Dark Side. It has been adulterated to mean "substandard" as when a mechanic slaps duct tape on a dent and says "Good enough for government work." Whatever the context, it is a black hole from which not even testers can escape. For example, a tester might marvel at the level of scenery detail in Microsoft Flight Simulator while another might complain that it is not detailed enough. Who is right? This talk is about how context affects expectations and evaluation - two things that we must all frame so that we (and decision-makers to whom we're in service) can better decide what to do next.

See the SeaSpin Website to learn more: http://seaspin.org/Default.aspx

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