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CAST 2011: Lynnwood Convention Center

The core mission of The Association of Software Testing (AST) and CAST is tohelp build an active community of software testing scholars, practitioners, andlearners who can in turn positively influence and advance the practice of softwaretesting.

CAST is more than a conference, it's a unique opportunity to learn and discuss notfound anywhere else. Each scheduled session is split into two parts. One third ofthe session is a presentation by a speaker, however the balance of the time is afacilitated "open season". This open season allows attendees to question, discuss,and test the presentation.

What makes CAST truly unique is what takes place in the hallways, at receptions,during meals, and at lightning talks. For many the true value of CAST is the abilityto discuss topics you are interested in with peers, experts, and academics thatare leading change in the industry. At CAST you are among friends...let's confer!

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