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Blurring the Line Between QA and Dev in and Agile Environment

Are you on a software engineering team? Does the project feel like a team effort all of the time? Between butting heads, agendas, communication issues, feature creep and shrinking schedules, these are difficult factors we all experience. If you are in QA, learn how to move your Dev cohort to a test-first mentality. Or jump into a discussion on improving testing efficiency with risk based testing. If you're Dev, discover how to challenge your QA to add greater technical value throughout the project. Ever thought about co-ownership of code and tests? Come discuss and learn about the possibilities.Join us for this full day Open Space structured event and engage with Agile luminaries such as Ward Cunningham, Wayne Allen, James Shore, Jeff McKenna, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Jon Bach. Special thanks to Diana Larsen for helping facilitate! See the Website to learn more: http://www.sao.org/events/event_details.asp?id=110278

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