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QAI: QUEST Conference

Some testing classes claim to teach you how to test "thoroughly", but their idea of "thorough" is to recite terminology about an array of techniques and give you a handout. They tend not to focus on exercises that build skill, and they don't often help you wrestle with realistic and complex testing problems. Rapid testing is an approach to achieve thoughtful testing on compressed schedules leveraging the power of exploration. It focuses on real-time problem-solving, scientific inquiry, and investigation. In this class, you'll get some ideas on how to test in a context-driven manner -- as thoroughly as your context requires. A good rapid tester is a thinker who can test (and explain their testing) in such a way that their work stands up to scrutiny under a wider variety of conditions than conventionally trained testers. Based on the ideas of James Bach, Michael Bolton, and Cem Kaner, with substantial contributions by other members of the Context-Driven School of software testing, this one-day course is akin to learning a martial art because it emphasizes interactive exercises intended to help you hone your testing skill.


- How to tackle any product or product idea instantly

- How to analyze a test heuristic or practice

- How to test despite ambiguous or missing specifications

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