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If you're new to performance testing, you may have a shiny new weapon (perf testing tool) but still feel unsure how to prepare for battle, defend yourself, or even hit the target. If you're a battle-scarred performance tester, you've probably discovered that every battle brings unseen enemies, unique terrain and surprise attacks. In either case, you've gained enough confidence of having survived by your wits. In this workshop, Jon and Dan (and fellow workshop participant volunteers), will bring to life a framework for engaging in performance testing, with this simple structure: Mission: goal, objectives, team, SUT, test scenarios (Assessing the situation, forming your squadron, mapping the battlefield, creating a battle plan)

Tactics: developing test assets, configuring system monitors, executing tests (gathering / creating your battle assets, setting up a perimeter, engaging the enemy) Story: Through energetic, time-boxed story-telling and mini-LAWST-style facilitation, you'll participate in a series of 6 to 10 real-life performance testing battles in varied contexts: software used filter and tag email; crowd-source testing social networking / gaming apps; diagnosing latency of a mobile phone download ringtone provide; testing the scalability enterprise IT systems; and using tools ranging from commercial to open source. Come prepared not just to learn but engage actively. Bring your own story to tell and we'll guide you in telling it powerfully. Guarantee you will all walk away with new bits of practical knowledge - and important story telling skills - you can apply on your next project

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