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Rapid Testing Intensive

What is it:

Nearly all testing textbooks and classes teach testing based on ideas that are about forty years old. A funny thing about that: we have no evidence that those ideas worked even then - and yet, the world is more complicated, today. Traditional testing demands that you test with a complete spec, assumes you will test every feature in every way, and expects that you will write out all your tests cases in detail before you start. Hogwash! None of that is possible, and some of it is actually harmful even to attempt.

Rapid testing is a skill-based and context-driven testing methodology that invites you to apply ingenuity, tools, and lightweight heuristics to test complex products. It's designed to scale. It's designed to engage your brain, instead of make you feel like a stock clerk at a supermarket. It's a methodology that grew out of the culture of innovation in Silicon Valley.

This seminar is a live test coaching experience run by James and Jon Bach. We train you to test as you test, just as if you worked for us in real life. James is the creator and managing author of the Rapid Testing methodology, which he has been developing since the late 80's at Apple Computer, and teaching since the mid 90's. Jon is the Director of Live Site Quality at eBay, responsible for continuously evaluating one of the most complex websites on Earth.

You will learn:

  • What is Rapid Testing and how to use the Testing Story heuristic.
  • Why excellent testing is and must be a thoughtful people-centered process.
  • How checking (which a tool can do) and testing (which only people can do) are two different things that work well together.
  • How note-taking with tools like Rapid Reporter plus video can help create a comprehensive record of your work.
  • How activity-based test management (e.g. with sessions and threads) can coordinate and illuminate the work of a test team.
  • How paired exploratory testing can supercharge your testing.

See the Satisfice Website to learn more: http://www.satisfice.com/rapidtestevent.shtml

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