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January QASIG :: How Many Hammers Do I Need?

January 14, 2015

6:30 PM (Networking and pizza at 6PM)

Location: Quardev Offices, 2707 NE Blakeley Street, Seattle, WA 98105.

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How Many Hammers Do I Need?

Presented by Jeffrey Copeland

Nineteenth-century writer Thomas Carlyle noted "Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all." Jeffrey Copeland has lately been considering the contrapositive: is someone with too many tools less effective? For our current purpose, the question becomes "how many tools do I need to do my job? how many tools is too many? when do my tools make my work harder?" In this talk Jeff will explore the history of some of our development tools, and think about what tools we need to cut ourselves out of the thicket.

About our speaker: Jeffrey Copeland has been building software not quite since the days of vacuum tubes, but remembers why it's called "core memory." He's been a developer, project and program manager, and occasionally fallen into testing and test management, in environments from three-person startups to IBM and Microsoft, on three continents and in Texas. He's currently running his own consultancy. He can be reached via jeffreycopeland.com.

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