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Jon Bach To Speak at PNSQC 2007

Jon Bach Will Present Ten Years of Tester Tendencies at the 2007 PNSQC Conference

As the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) looks back on its 25-year history, Jon will take a look back as well. For the past ten years, Jon has been a hiring test managers on many projects. In this paper, Jon will show test ideas from over 400 test "auditions" - practical interviews staged for testers to show what they can do. In the audition, testers were given a version of a Triangle program like the one referenced in Glenford Myers' classic book "The Art of Software Testing." The application was built in VB and has a logging algorithm to record mouse clicks and keystrokes. The names of the testers weren't preserved, just the data on what tests they ran and the order in which they ran them. Jon has analyzed this data and sees several interesting patterns of behavior called "tendencies." The talk that accompanies this paper will show the pathologies that have trapped candidates in several ways. Jon will reveal the top ten tendencies and demonstrate ways the audience can avoid those traps on a project.

Please see the conference Web site for more information: http://www.pnsqc.org/

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