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Quardev Is Attending STARWEST and Jon Bach Is Presenting an All-Day Tutorial and a Track Talk

Tuesday, Oct. 23 - Full-day TUTORIAL "Session-Based Exploratory Testing"

The agile nature of exploration and the ability of testers to rapidly apply their skills and experience make exploratory testing a widely used test approach - especially when time is short. But exploratory testing is often dismissed by project managers who assume that exploratory testing is not reproducible, measurable, or accountable. If you share these concerns, a solution may lie in a technique called Session-Based Test Management (SBTM), developed by the Bach brothers specifically to address these problems. In SBTM, testers are assigned areas of a product to explore, and testing is time boxed in "sessions" which have mission statements called "charters" to create a meaningful and countable unit of work. Jon discusses - and you will practice - exploratory note-taking as one of the important skills of SBTM. He demonstrates a freely available, open source tool to help manage your exploratory testing efforts. A laptop is required for this tutorial.

Wednesday, Oct. 24 - 1:45 pm "A Pair of Stories about All-Pairs Testing"

What do you do when you're faced with testing a million or more possible combinations, all manually? Easy - just declare the problem so big and the time so short that testing is impossible. But what if there were an analytic method that could drastically reduce the number of combinations to test while reducing risks at the same time? All-pairs testing, the pairing up of testable elements, is one way to create a reasonable number of test cases while reducing the risk of missing important defects. Unfortunately, as Jon Bach demonstrates, this technique can also be used incorrectly, thus creating more risk, not less. Jon shares his experiences on two projects - one success and one failure - that employed all-pairs analysis and describes the reasons behind the results. Start down the path to all-pairs success for your next big testing project.

  • Learn the rationale behind pairwise data analysis
  • Use two free tools that create the pairings
  • Understand the risks and rewards of all-pairs testing

Please see the conference Web site for more information: http://www.sqe.com/StarWest/

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