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Triangle Information Systems Quality Association Conference (TISQA)

Jon Bach to give a Keynote Talk and a Track Talk at TISQA

Keynote: "Little Testing Revolutions I've Attended"

Abstract: People are talking about you behind your back. They're talking about how you should do things like boundary testing, test casing, and documentation. They're making standards and procedures for you to follow, doing the thinking for you so that we're all testing the same way. But I've been to places where stories are valued over standards, where events called "peer conferences" are helping to shape our industry. At these gatherings, 15 - 20 people may decide to take a notion like "para-functional testing" and come up with 15 - 20 different ideas of what it means in their context. I've also heard stories of how test cases had more power as fallible rules-of-thumb than as countable metric. I've facilitated a group of 6 colleagues who brainstormed 145 different ways to find boundaries, and a few minutes later heard a new term "naviguessing" to describe exploratory testing around those boundaries. In this talk, I'll tell you why mini revolutions like these are brewing amoung us (perhaps from experiences on your current project) and how you might recognize and find value in cultivating them.

Track Talk: "Exploratory On Purpose"

Abstract: Contrary to what many people think, exploratory testing is not unstructured or random testing. People call it a technique, but it is a *set* of techniques that comprise a context-driven approach to testing software. Sure, it may seem intuitive, random and purposeless to some, but that's because they don't know how to describe it yet. I'll show that there is logic and purpose behind even the most obscure test idea and help you find the words to describe what you're doing or what you're seeing. I'll walk through a tactical exploration of one feature of a popular word processing program and narrate as I see how many bugs we can find. More importantly, I'll show how you can record and describe your explorations so that it makes sense to stakeholders. (Consider this talk an advanced practitioner's class. If you're a novice, you can only attend if you think you might learn something.)

Please see the conference Web site for more information: http://tisqa.org/conference/

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