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Events from 2014

  • Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference 2014
    October 20, 2014

    32nd Annual PNSQC is coming up in October (20-22) in Portland, OR.

  • March QASIG - Testing Like Batman
    March 12, 2014

    What's in your utility belt? What is in your colleague's utility belt? Where do you get your tools and information? Which hero do you test like? Come hear Zephan Schroeder talk about strategies for bringing the right tools and mindset to every challenge.

  • May QASIG: How Data Science is Changing Software Testing
    May 14, 2014

    Robert Musson, Principal Data Scientist with the Skype team at Microsoft will present a talk that will focus on the changing role of test in the world of software services. It will describe the new skills required of test organizations and the ways individuals can begin to make the transition.

  • CAST 2014 - The Art and Science of Testing
    August 11, 2014

    CAST will be held in NYC this August

  • July 2014 QASIG - Lightning Talks
    July 9, 2014

    Join us for the July QASIG and you'll see multiple short presentations about quality from your peers!

  • September QASIG :: From Tester to Evangelist
    September 10, 2014

    This talk, presented by Jon Bach, is about an idea that isn't talked about much in testing - Customer Advocacy. This is Jon's personal story of going from ardent treasure-hunter to customer ambassador and how that may affect the way you approach the pursuit of bugs.

  • November QASIG :: Scientific Basis for Testing with Immediate Implications
    November 12, 2014

    We are excited to welcome Scott Gibson, Director of Software Quality for Amazon who will present a highly versatile and robust testing approach that uses the scientific method and empirical falsification. Scott will also cover The implications to different testing phases and activities. Hope you can join us!