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Quardev Expanded Their Virtualization Lab

As a full service quality assurance and software testing facility, we have employed virtualization as a key strategy for some time. However, we recently expanded our lab capabilities by purchasing a batch of new servers that are being used for a virtualized test environment. These new servers feature the new Intel Core i7 processor with eight processing cores and loads of memory and hard drive space. This new hardware provides Quardev the capability to run multiple test virtual machines and environments across each new host server, creating efficiencies, cost savings and going green.

Additionally, we've moved to using the latest Microsoft Virtualization Server and are overwhelming excited about the potential of this technology to enhance our business. Of course, we are excited about how the use of virtualization can save us money in hardware and software procurement and also the reduced IT setup and maintenance costs, including better disaster recovery planning and enhancing our security. Beyond that, the use of virtualization enables us to become more creative in providing solutions for our clients within each unique project. This in turn creates a more convenient and flexible working relationship between our Quardev team and our clients.

Key Benefits

There are a number of reasons why the move to virtualization makes sense, and this varies from company to company. The following are a few of the benefits we have experienced:

  • Flexibility (ability to configure numerous client environments, hardware settings, network virtualization, and saved snapshots for later use)
  • Time Savings (faster machine setup and configuration, ability to quickly roll back to previous snapshots)
  • Scalability (ability to create larger client-server environments with less hardware, increased automation benefits)
  • Cost (better use of hardware, less power consumption, reduced setup times)
  • Green Technology (reduced energy consumption, less to recycle or dump)

For us, the long-term and short-term cost reductions that we've seen in power costs, system maintenance, and lab real estate are promising, but even more so is how the use of virtualization is enabling us to remain competitive and progressive in our service offerings. We have a culture of constantly pushing to find and use technologies that save money and time for us and our clients. Virtualization has proved its benefits and opens up numerous opportunities to expand its use in the future in new ways that we haven't discovered yet.

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