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Quardev Offers Mobile Device Testing Services

Quardev is a premier provider in the mobile device and application testing space. We test on android, iPhone, and Windows 7 devices and can help you ensure your application performs as it should on any device and carrier/network.

In our January 2011 article, 5 key considerations for mobile device testing (which was later expanded into a presentation titled, 6 Considerations for Mobile Device Testing (delivered as a Webinar to SAO in Portland, OR and the July 2011 QASIG.org event) and even more recently has morphed into Eight Limitations of Mobile Platforms (which was presented by Jacob Stevens at the Agile Development Practices Conference in Orlando, FL this past November)), we called out two particularly challenging issues for evaluating applications for the mobile marketplace:

  • Devices: the enormous number of devices/operating systems/versions - it is impossible to purchase all devices and test on everything, every time.
  • Carriers: the huge matrix of devices vs. carrier plans - both domestic and international.

We have found a very elegant solution to these issues and offer a full service mobile device testing solution for our clients.

We can test your mobile app on any mobile device, network, and operating system around the world. The device list includes access to feature phones, Smartphones, and a variety of tablets. With this service offering we can help ensure quality on any matrix you require for your client base and is an easy, cost-efficient way to test the functionality, usability, and performance of your native or Web-based mobile applications.

Our test service uses devices via a cloud-based architecture through non-simulated, real-time interaction where we remotely interact and control every aspect of a real device. This includes pressing handset buttons, viewing LCD displays, listening to ringers and tones, playing videos, tapping and swiping touch screens, muting, powering on/off, increasing volume, and anything else that can be done with the physical device held in your hand.

If you develop mobile apps call us today to see how we can help you release the best applications and get noticed in the massive mobile marketplace.

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