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Jon Bach gave a talk and moderated the Wednesday Lunch Panel at the PNSQC conference in October

Jon's talk, titled Exploratory Testing as Competitive Sport discusses how two decades after the term "exploratory testing" was invented, testers and managers still do not understand it completely. Worse, experts consider it an art, implying that there is no way to teach it or improve one's skill at it. This presentation will try to shatter that myth and describe specific skills and tactics that testers can use to improve their unscripted testing ability while gaining credibility and confidence.

Also, Jon will be moderating the Wednesday lunch panel - the topic is "Where's the Value?"

The conference theme is "Quality: A Competitive Advantage" and each of the words - quality, competitive, and advantage implies value - something we often don't talk about but which significantly affects us, whether we be a tester on the front lines or the customer.

The panel discussion will focus on two value contexts - project and product. In the project context, a possible question might be "What kinds of dashboard metrics have been valuable to convey concerns from Test?" In the product context, the question might be "What kinds of bugs have you seen that made the product less valuable, and why?"

Before lunch is served, a short form will be passed out for attendees to submit a written question or a comment to the panel. The moderator, Jon Bach will read the questions during lunch.

The four panelists are Michael Bolton, DevelopSense; Cem Kaner, Florida Institute of Technology; Brian Branagan; and Hal Bryan, Microsoft.

For more information see the PNSQC Conference Website

Jon's slides from his Exploratory Testing as Competitive Sport: PowerPoint Slide Deck

Supporting Article (PDF)

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