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Quardev Hosts the WOCT Conference in Seattle

Quardev Laboratories, a software testing and technical writing service company in Seattle, was the host location for the inaugural Workshop on Combination Testing (WOCT) on January 21 and 22, 2006. Founded by Rob Sabourin (amibug.com) and Jon Bach (Quardev), WOCT is the latest addition to many software testing workshops based on the Los Altos Workshop on Software Testing (http://www.kaner.com/lawst.htm).

Fourteen attendees from as far away as London were invited to present their experiences around combinatorics, or the problems of combining values (or sets of values) in a software testing environment. Experiences with all-pairs, orthogonal arrays, and state models were discussed in 8 presentations over two days in a gathering of colleagues from the software testing industry. Workshop attendees included industry experts and veteran speakers Cem Kaner, James Bach, Jon Bach, Rob Sabourin, Harry Robinson, Julian Harty, Doug Hoffman, Keith Stobie, Mike Kelly, Noel Nyman, and Ross Collard.

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