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Quardev's Jon Bach to Keynote and Track Talk at TISQA 2007

Raleigh-Durham, NC - The Triangle Information Systems Quality Association (TISQA) will hold its yearly one-day conference in North Carolina on September 19, 2007 and will feature Quardev Manager for Corporate Intellect, Jon Bach, as a keynote speaker.

Since the TISQA theme is "Driving Value Through Innovative Testing Approaches," Bach said he wanted a keynote presentation to reflect his experiences with recent, innovative developments in how software testing is perceived, planned, and executed.

Titled "Testing Revolutions I've Attended," the talk describes three aspects of the software testing industry in which he has seen major change in a short time: 1) the creation of an Open Test Certification, 2) new developments in Exploratory Testing, and 3) innovations in the structure of testing conferences.

"It's my chance to reveal some of the great ideas that have been developed at peer workshops, on online discussion forums, and even after hours at local brewhouses when testers talk about testing problems," Bach said. "I want this keynote to encourage people to share their experiences to discover if they have a testing revolution within them."

Bach will also be giving a track talk at TISQA titled "Exploratory On Purpose," which will describe a set of skills testers can practice to help them dispel the widely held notion that exploratory testing is random, unstructured, and unskilled. It is a presentation of how to create tactical, mission-based assignments that leave testers free to think and explore.

TISQA is a one-day conference comprised of about 200 software professionals in the area known as the "Triangle" - Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. The metropolitan area was named in 1959 after the creation of Research Triangle Park (RTP).

For more details, see the TISQA Conference Web site, http://tisqa.org/conference/

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