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Quardev Laboratories and WSA sponsor the Quality Assurance Special Interest Group

Quardev Laboratories a Seattle-based software and Internet testing laboratory, recently partnered with WSA (formerly the Washington Software Alliance) to restart the popular quality assurance special interest group (QA SIG).

The QA SIG seeks to engage members of the high-tech community in discussions on the evolving challenge of software quality assurance and look at ways to advance the leading practices and methodologies.

"Software and the practice of software development are entering a new phase of evolution." says Quardev founder and president Joe Dillon. "Everything has been digitized, the delivery medium is no longer limited to stationary hardware, and security and privacy are issues of enormous importance to users. As testing engineers we must keep pace with these rapid advances being made on the development side, or find ourselves employing practices that are obsolete."

The QA SIG is not a purely technical discussion; the meetings are open to anyone involved with software, including business leaders, project managers, and those responsible for establishing processes. Presenters address the broad quality assurance questions and how it can best fit into the development cycle.

For more information about these meetings or to become more involved, visit the QA SIG Web Site.

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