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Quardev participates in 1st Annual Exploratory Testing Research Summit

Quardev Laboratories, a software testing and technical communications service company in Seattle, participated in the 5th annual Workshop for the Teaching of Software Testing on February 3 - 5 at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. The conference, hosted by Cem Kaner, author of the best-selling testing book "Testing Computer Software" was attended by 22 instructors from both the academic and commercial sectors.

According to the Workshop on Teaching Software Testing (WTST) site, the conference is "concerned with the practical aspects of teaching university-level and advanced professional development courses on software testing." Participants may have expertise in software testing, but others may have expertise in education, psychology, or the broader areas of software development. Whether participants come from the academic or commercial sector, the common value is "to learn from each other how to be more effective in teaching a field that involves many complex cognitive tasks."

Jon Bach, Quardev's Manager for Corporate Intellect and Technical Solutions, attended the three-day conference, presenting a talk titled "Patterns in Brainstorming" based on research he performed with Quality Assurance engineers at Quardev Laboratories. As the company's lead trainer, Bach's research consisted of asking engineers to brainstorm test ideas about a particular software feature and look for patterns in those ideas. It was Bach's hope that seeing patterns could help testing instructors get a sense of different thinking styles and build exercises to complement them.

For more details, go to http://www.wtst.org/

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