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Quardev participates in 5th Annual Workshop Devoted to Teaching Software Testing

Quardev Laboratories, a software testing and technical communications service company in Seattle, participated in the 1st annual Exploratory Testing Research Summit (ExTRS) on January 30 in Melbourne, Florida. The summit, hosted by James Bach, co-author of the best-selling testing book "Lessons Learned in Software Testing", was attended by 12 exploratory testing experts -- most notably Cem Kaner, author of "Testing Computer Software."

The summit's goal was to encourage discussion about "unscripted" software testing, a testing approach where tests are not written in advance as "test cases." Several definitions were invented by the summit's participants, but all agreed that exploratory testing was best described as "simultaneous test design, execution and learning."

Jon Bach (James' brother) is Quardev's manager for Corporate Intellect and Technical Solutions. Jon attended the two-day summit where he and James presented a document designed to help testers and test managers cultivate exploratory testing skills and techniques. The document, which identifies 14 specialized skills for exploratory testers to practice, was the foundation for the Bach brothers' critically acclaimed demonstration at the Software Testing Analysis and Review (STAR) Conference in November 2005. Their talk, titled "Testing Outside the Bachs", is also scheduled to be part of STAR East Conference in Orlando, Florida in May 2006.

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