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Quardev participates in first Workshop on Open Certification

Quardev Laboratories, a software testing and technical writing service company in Seattle, announces that its Manager for Corporate Intellect, Jon Bach, attended the 1st Workshop on Open Certification in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Attended by 15 volunteers in the testing industry, WOC is a first step in developing a new approach to certifying the knowledge of software testers with an exam based primarily on courses and readings available free on the web. One manifestation of this could be an exam available free to anyone at any time. During a job interview, a candidate would connect to the exam web site which prepares a stratified sample of 50 questions from a much larger pool. Job candidates would take the test then and there. They and the interviewer see the questions the candidate answered and the answers they gave. Their percentage correct could be valuable to the interviewer, but in many interviews, discussing the specific answers can yield far more insight about the candidate's skills.

The intention of WOC is to create an organization that owns copyright in all of the exam materials and discussions but that grants the public a right to republish or reuse them -- essentially a free software license as an alternative to expensive and meaningless certifications.

For more information about WOC see: http://www.lawst.com/cfpwoc.html

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