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Quardev's Jon Bach Named STAREast Keynote Speaker

Quardev Laboratories, a software testing and technical writing service company in Seattle, announces that its Manager for Corporate Intellect, Jon Bach, will be delivering the keynote speech at Software Quality Engineering's annual Software Testing Analysis and Review (STAR) conference in May 2006. The keynote, titled "Inside the Masters' Mind: Describing the Tester's Art" will describe essential skills of exploratory testers as well as progress toward a language to explain exploratory testing to stakeholders.

Bach was selected to present the keynote after he and his brother James - both internationally known experts in the area of exploratory software testing - delivered a standing-room-only talk at STAR's annual west coast conference in November. The talk was titled "Testing Outside the Bachs: A Demonstration of Exploratory Testing" which drew more than twice the expected audience capacity and received the highest score out of 45 other presentations. Because of the talk's success, Bach will not only be delivering the keynote, but both brothers will again be delivering their exploratory testing demo at STAR's annual east coast venue in Orlando, Florida.

For more details, go to http://www.sqe.com/stareast

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