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Quardev's Jon Bach Speaks Twice at STARWEST 2007 Conference

Anaheim, CA. Software Quality Engineering (SQE) will hold its yearly five-day conference from October 22 - 26, 2007 and will feature Quardev Manager for Corporate Intellect, Jon Bach, as a speaker for two presentations during the week-long event.

Bach will first give a full-day tutorial on Session-Based Test Management (SBTM) on Tuesday, October 23 and then a 45-minute track talk about pairwise testing titled "A Pair of Stories about All-Pairs Testing" on Wednesday, October 24.

The all-day SBTM tutorial will contain improvements from when he presented it at STAR East in May, including a more interactive framework. SBTM is a methodology he co-invented with his brother James in 2000, to manage and measure exploratory testing for projects that require a high degree of scrutiny.

"A lot of people think exploratory testing is so simple," Bach said, "but ask them to explain what they did with an 8-hour day of exploring, and very few will be able to tell a story that has continuity and meaning. SBTM may be a way for them to make sense of what they did as they represent that work to project stakeholders -- to give it the legitimacy it deserves as a serious approach to testing."

For the all-pairs talk, Bach will describe two projects in which he used a method that distills large sets of combinations into a few manageable ones by pairing up variables without losing much risk.

"One story I will tell about how I used all-pairs will be a love story," Bach said, "the other will be a tragedy. Both come directly from my experience and are meant to help the audience decide if it's a technqiue that's right for their context."

For more information, see the conference Web site: http://www.sqe.com/starwest

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