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Quardev's Jon Bach to be Invited Speaker for Several Local, National, and International Testing Venues in 2005

Jon Bach, Quardev Laboratories' Intellectual Property Officer and Managing Test Lead, will embark on a multi-national speaking tour beginning in May 2005.

Engagements include:

  • Software Testing Analysis and Review (STAR) East - Orlando, Florida
  • Seattle Area Software Quality Assurance Group Training Day - Seattle, WA
  • Grove Practitioner's Club - London, England -- Check out Jon's review in London
  • British Computer Society's SIGIST - London, England
  • Testing Solutions Group International conference - London, England
  • Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference - Portland, OR

Bach, an avid researcher, thinker, and expert in Exploratory Software Testing, will be speaking at these events about the art and science of exploratory testing, particularly with respect to two testing methodologies he created: Session-Based Test Management (SBTM) and Open-Book Testing.

"These methods were born from theory, raised by practice," Bach said. "Some people think there's a concrete wall between theory and practice, but as a theorist and a practitioner, I know that wall is permeable."

Bach said that working at Quardev gives him the chance to experiment with how theory and practice influence each other.

"Here at the lab, I can take a theory and see if it will fly in the working world," he said. "Whether it flies or crashes, data from an experiment I do here might be useful or even compelling to other people in the industry. That's why I love speaking opportunities. They give me a chance to talk about what I saw and hear feedback. Whether that feedback is criticism or excitement, both is useful to me because it creates new theories to try."

The practice of SBTM arose from a theory about how to manage a tester's time as they explore software. It provides exploratory testing (an intuitive, unscripted testing process) with a structure that includes mission statements, metrics, and documentation that make the testing process accountable, but does not take away from the creativity and flexibility of exploration.

Open-Book Testing started from an idea Bach had to apply an open-book exam paradigm to guide testers onto the path of exploration. He saw that inexperienced exploratory testers were often paralyzed at the amount of paths they can explore in the software, but by giving them guided, focused questions to answer, he helped them out of the paralysis by creating opportunities to build memories and experiences.

At Bach's first talk in the circuit, (STAREast in Orlando, Florida, May 16 - 20, 2005 -- http://www.sqe.com/stareast/), his topic: "Inside the Explorer's Notebook" on Friday, May 20, compares an exploratory tester's notes with those from famous explorers Lewis and Clark to show that exploration, no matter what the context, has recognizable frameworks.

Back in Seattle on Friday, June 3, Bach will give a workshop on Session-Based Test Management as part of the Seattle Area Software Quality Assurance Group's "$99 Training Day" at the Honeywell Learning Center. (http://www.sasqag.org)

Later that month, Bach is off to London to speak about Open-Book Testing to Grove Consultant's Practitioner's Club on Monday, June 20. (http://www.grove.co.uk/Practitioner_Club/index.html) The next day, he is the featured speaker for two exploratory testing seminars and an SBTM workshop for one of four British Computer Society's SIGIST meetings held during the year. (http://www.sigist.org.uk/)

That next week on June 28 and 29th, he stays in London to present two half-day talks for software developers attending Testing Solutions Group's International Seminar: "Exploratory Workshop and Session-Based Test Management" and "Rapid Testing and Open-Book Exploration".

In October, Bach will present Open-Book Testing again at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) in Portland, Oregon, October 10 - 12 (http://www.pnsqc.org/index.php).

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